News from NACM

NACM Member Chosen for International Leadership Program

Congratulations to NACM member and new registrant Emily Chartrand-Hudson who was one of 300 chosen out of 3000 young leaders from around the world to participate in the Women Deliver Young Leader’s program. The participants were selected for their potential to have a lasting impact on the lives of girls and women.

Emily feels honoured and humbled to have been selected, and is looking forward to meeting her cohort of talented young people working to further women’s health, well-being and equity. “I think the program will be of huge benefit to my skills as an Indigenous midwife and women’s health advocate,” she said.

The Young Leader’s program provides youth advocates with opportunities to build and strengthen their advocacy capacity and skills.

2018 Iewirokwas Cape Award for Midwifery Heroes

NACM members, Kerry Bebee and Melida Jimenez, are recipientsof the 2018 Iewirokwas Cape Award for Midwifery Heroes. Kerry and Melida are humble, dedicated midwives who enrich their cultural communities. The two midwives who are honoured each year are awarded beautiful, artist-commissioned, capes. The name of the recipients and the year received are sewn onto the capes as permanent tributes. The capes are handed on year after year to subsequent heroes.

Anishnabeck Health Conference Names NACM Member Community Hero

The Anishabek Health Conference awarded Carol Couchie a Community Heroes in Health award at its conference in Sault Ste Marie. The award recognized individuals who work to build capacity within First Nations territory by empowering residents to become more active, healthy and improve the overall well-being of the community. Carol was recognized for her work to advance health and well-being for First Nation women and families in many communities and her influence in developing Indigenous midwifery.

NACM Travels Across the Country

NACM members have been busy advocating for Indigenous midwifery as part of the Bringing Birth Home project fundedby Save the Children Canada and in connection to its work with Indigenous Services, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. In December, Carol Couchie and Brenda Epoo met in Kuujjuarapik, QC to advocate for midwifery there, and in January, Carol made a solo trip to the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach, QC on the border with Labrador, to share with that community the benefits of midwifery care and the steps that would need to be taken to bring birth back. Cheryllee Bourgeois and Alyssa Gagnon promoted Indigenous midwifery in Taykwa Tagamou, ON in February and Evelyn Harney George went to the Yukon. In March, Alisha Julien Reid, Diane Simon and Evelyn Harney George were in Fredericton and at St Mary’s First Nation, NB and Millbrook, NS speaking about midwifery. There are also plans for NACM members to travel to Fort McMurray, AB, Sturgeon Lake, SK, M’Chigeeng First Nation, ON and Kanawake, QC before Bringing Birth Home ends in June.