Saj Fanm Pou Fanm

The objective of the Saj Fanm Pou Fanm (SFPF) Project is to help build the Haitian government’s capacity to train, recruit, hire and support midwives. The five-year project is funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and led by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The aim is to reduce maternal and infant mortality by improving women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health by strengthening the role of midwifery. CAM is currently assisting with the drafting of legislation to regulate the profession in Haiti and supporting training of midwives.

CAM has worked with the Haitian Nurses and Midwives Association (AISFH) since 2009 to support a long-term plan aimed at strengthening the three pillars of quality maternal and newborn health care in the country – education, regulation and association.
This year, the AISFH sent two midwives, Marthe-Elvire Fenelon and Nadia Jeanty, to attend the CAM conference. They were joined by Vardine Jean-Baptiste who works for UNFPA in Haiti. Highlights of the experience for the Haitian midwives included observing the CAM Annual General Meeting, the Indigenous con¬tent, and visiting the Ottawa and Gatineau birth centres.

The Haitian midwives also participated in the South-South side meeting, which gathered together the delegates from all the countries where CAM Global operates, to share about the successes and challenges they face in strengthening their associations and the profession their countries.

Marthe-Elvire Fenelon mentioned in her presentation to the South-South meeting that SFPF will allow the AISFH to ad-dress the lack of legislation and a professional order, problems of access to nursing and midwifery care, and difficult working conditions with respect to salary and working hours.